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The First Few Days...

July 18, 2013


Hey Wafers!  (I dunno if that works yet, I'm still trying out the nickname LOL)  It's been a great few days at - I've gotten alot of GREAT feedback on the overall look and operation of the site so far!  Thanks again to the those that went over the site with a fine toothed comb and picked out all the bugs!  It's great appreciated.  


I've had two opportunities to share my wedding DJ information with future brides-to-be ... and it was AMAZING being able to send them to to answer all of their questions!  


Still trying to figure out the best way to blog - so for now its formatting everything by hand until I can find a blog website that doesnt put out blogs that look like they were written by a 5 year old.   LOL


Keep the ideas coming!  New 97X airchecks (audio samples) coming soon!  


Happy Friday!!  


~Scottie (DJ NiLLa) Launch

July 15, 2013

Super excited about the launch of - my first website which (as you hopefully have seen) has been a 3 year long idea that has finally come to the interwebs.  Over the past 7 years, I've held nearly every job in the entertainment buisiness - from DJ-ing and hosting/producing radio shows to bartending and running year-round live trivia shows - and it can now be found in ONE PLACE!!


I want to be sure to thank my brother, Adam Bergoch, for kicking my butt in the right direction with this site.  For my birthday, he purchased and the hosting services, as well as came up with the original site design concept for the site.  I cannot thank him enough!  I'm sure you'll be seeing some of his work on here in a few weeks.   In the meantime - be sure to check out his incredible music at!


Also - a very special thanks to those that have gone over the site with a fine toothed comb looking for errors and silly creative ideas. It is much appeciated!  Feel free to send me ideas for the site, as well as other things you'd like to see in the future!   


~Scottie (DJ NiLLa)



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